Driving from Harare

From Harare to Kariba is a pleasant scenic drive which if you adhere to speed limits and allow for stops should take you roughly 5 hrs. Along the way you will pass through a number of small towns that you could refuel or use the restrooms.

You will firstly go through Banket, don’t forget to pick up worms just before the town at fisherman’s worms on the left, and then Chinoyi after Chinoyi a favorite stop is Lion’s Den butchery which makes brilliant biltong, and various burgers and rolls. A further 80kms is Karoi the town of witches, just after going through Karoi another favored stop is Twin Rivers, they offer clean ablutions and a small Takeaway. Makuti is your last possible pit stop before Kariba; there is a fuel station and the Makuti Hotel which offers a restaurant, rest rooms and a break from that long haul.

After turning Left at Makuti you then meander down the windy Makuti hill range through prime wildlife area where there is every chance you may encounter Elephant, Buffalo or even Lion so keep to the speed limits as early in the year the grass is tall and you may not be able to see around each corner. There are a number of scenic lay byes along this stretch, Please don’t forget to carry your rubbish with you. The stretch from Makuti to Kariba should take roughly 40 minutes.

If you are boarding a transfer to Spurwing you will more than likely be leaving from Marineland harbor, on entering Kariba the first fueling station on your left is a TOTAL station and there is signage pointing you down the hill left of the station into Marineland harbor. For all of you who have children there is also an ice cream parlor at the station called Polly’s which make ice creams and pies.

Marineland harbor is equipped with a shop, rest rooms, a takeaway which does great light meals and safe parking for your vehicle at minimal charge per night. Our regular transfer leaves Mainland at 12 00 noon therefore you will be advised when making your booking a bookings@marineland.co.zw to be at least half an hour early as there may be other people on the transfer. This transfer will then leave from Spurwing at 9 00 am on your day of departure.

The boat ride from mainland to Spurwing is 20km’s and will be roughly 40 minutes, depending on the Boat and weather. The boat type is dependent on the number of guests on the transfer.

Generally in a small speed boat for those of you coming in your own boats the trip is usually slightly shorter, be sure to carry your GPS if you are crossing the lake for the first time as on an overcast day you can get disorientated.

Spurwing Island GPS Coordinates are: 16°43’48.16″S 28°41’28.34″E
Fothergill Island GPS Coordinates are: 16°42’15.17″S 28°39’40.98″E

Driving from Zambia

For those guests coming through or from Zambia, Kariba has a fully functional border post at the dam wall which allows only for light vehicles to cross so no need to worry about being backed up in heavy vehicle traffic, The border post is small and relatively hassle free, If you require transfer by road from either the border post or the Kariba Airport this can be arranged by Hersov Tours which operates out of marineland harbor, they are contactable with the details below.

Tel: +263 773 923 500 / 071 2 209 631
Cell: +263 772 224 280

Email Address: hersovtours@gmail.com
Email Address: kangomatendai@gmail.com

Please Note: Hersov also provide transport from Harare to Kariba.

Private Plane Charters

If driving is simply not and option a charter in from Charles prince or Harare international can be arranged through Altair this flight can then either land at Kariba aerodrome or at Fothergill airstrip which we help maintain and is a fully licensed strip. Spurwing can then provide a transfer from Fothergill to the Island, all arrangements must be made prior to your arrival. Please remember that Fothergill Island is in a wildlife area and there are elephant and other game on the island. Pilots to ensure the runway is clear before they land and clients please wait to be collected from the strip do not wonder around.

Harare to Fothergill/Kariba

The fee for the 206 from Harare to Fothergill is USD$1,190.00/person and for the Navajo USD$1,780.00/person

Seat rate per person of USD$300.00 each way. Departure fees from Harare apply.

The 206 takes roughly 1 hour 20 minutes and the Navajo 1 hour.

Victoria Falls to Fothergill/Kariba

The fee for the 206 from Victoria Falls to Fothergill is USD$1,455.00/person and for the Navajo, USD$2,160.00/person

Seat rate per person of USD$375.00 each way. Departure fees from Victoria Falls apply.

The 206 takes roughly 1 hour 45 minutes and the Navajo 1 hour 15 minutes.

We require the following:
Full names of passengers and International flight details,
If you require to be met or picked up,
Preferred time to fly, to see how best to fit in your requirements with others.
Early booking is good to allow me time to plan aircraft movement.

Please note

  • There is a two seat minimum per flight, if only one passanger is flying, two seats will need to be paid for.
  • For the return flight, you need to double the fee.
  • Depature fees (Harare / Victoria Falls) per passenger USD$15.00 to be paid in cash.
  • Prices may change without notice. Please confirm all provisional bookings before making payment. (Zimbabwe residents pay VAT, to be arranged prior to confirmation of flight.)

Contact Giles Raynor on: +263 279 23012 or +263 772 515 852, Skype: Giles.Raynor.
If un-available, please try Nick Hinde on: +263 772 254 980.